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Ilahiya group of institutions are located mainly in Kappad , In famous historical place in calicut. The minority institutions are run by Al huda islamic cultural establishment & Ainul huda Orphanage kappad. Ainul huda islamic cultural establishment and ainul huda orphanage is a renowned charitable establishment founded in the year 1985, with the intention for the upliftment of orphan children in and around Kerala, it exists as a living example of community development program. In the quest for the meaning of charity we respect all children as a complete personality.
we provide best infra structure and quality education and ensure to infuse the ethical and cultural values to transform our students into self disciplined and highly contented and competent individuals in order to empower the quality of our nation.

Mission & Objectives

The institutions mission state preparing each student for academic, social and personal success by creating a community, empowered as globally minded citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust.

Rules And Regulation


We stress the importance of regular attendance at school. Ensure that your child is regular & punctual. In the event of the student being late to school or absent from school, the absence record must be filled in and sent, upon his/her return to school. We urge parents to have all absences documented in the School Handbook. If a student needs to be away from school for an extended period (for more than 2-3 days), a request letter from the parent/guardian prior to the absence is required

Dress Code

All the students should wear the prescribed uniform. Parents must ensure that their children come to school neatly dressed and maintains the dress code prescribed for him/her. Shoes must be clean and neatly polished. If any student comes in improper uniform, it will be dealt with a warning at first and later with disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action

Violation of any of the school rules will entail disciplinary action in the following stages.

  • 1st Stage Verbal warning
  • 2nd Stage Intimation to the parents by the teacher
  • 3rd Stage Meeting of the teacher with the parent
  • 4th Stage Meeting of the parent or guardian with the principal
  • Further offences will be dealt with severely through suspension or dismissal.

Medical Assistance

In case your child needs to have any medicine during school, you must specify the dosage and time for administration in the Handbook. The medicine that is sent must be wrapped in a cover and stapled on to the handbook and if it is a bottle, it has to be handed over to the supporting staff on the morning bus and NOT KEPT IN THE CHILD'S BAG.

Our Facilities

Class Room

Classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. Each classroom is equipped with latest technology – interactive boards and proper project display areas for ensuring an exciting and pleasant study environment. For the comfort of students, each room has its own Cubby Holes providing a perfect storage solution for student’s books and class related works.


Science is the study and knowledge of the world around us. This knowledge is gained by observation, experimentation and verification. Practical work is the most important factor in the study of science. Ilahiya provides huge, separate and very well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.The labs are equipped with the latest technological devices in order to support cutting-edge experimentation


Highly equipped facility with an excellent selection of books, audio - video and other reference materials that caters to the taste of a wide variety of readers. The library has very large collection of grade and age specific literature from across the world to reinforce the taught curriculum. It also has sections to stimulate curiosity and specific interest in knowledge and skill seeking in various areas.



Principal Message

At Ilahiya School, we believe that a successful education is all about inspiration. Our clear aim and purpose is to provide the best teaching and learning environment in which all our pupils will achieve their very best academically, physically and socially

Upcoming Events
  • PG
  • M Com

  • UG
  • B Com (finance) , Bsc physics , BCA , Bsc ( phycology) , Bsc chemistry , Bcom (cooperation)

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • 1st To 10th
  • KG
  • Subject to the approval by the university of calicut